MLWC Amazing Pace

Saturday, September 12th

The Amazing Pace is a race consisting of different challenges at different locations around Medford Lakes. Some tasks are physical, some creative, some cerebral, and some will be won through sheer luck. Make sure you have a balanced team.

Your team of four (4) will need to bike from task to task so everyone must have a bike. All teams should have at least one functioning smart phone.

There will be roughly more than 35 teams competing. Each task will be graded by a pre-determined point system. Teams will also be awarded points according to their order of finishing the race.

The Cost of Entry this year is $50 per participant or $200 per team. This also includes an after-party at Medford Lakes Country Club where the winners will be announced. 

The registration for this event is non-refundable.  Amazing Pace will take place rain or shine.

This is a great fund-raising effort for the Medford Lakes Women’s Club. The Organization raises funds that go directly back into the Medford Lakes community.

Pictures from past Amazing Paces

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