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Monthly Meeting

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KC Kondrla

Vice President

Megan Cashman


Kerry Carleton

KC has been residing in Medford Lakes for almost two years. She enjoys helping others, and meeting new people so once she heard about MLWC, she joined immediately. KC has helped with several events throughout the year including Breakfast with the Bunny, Canoe Carnival, Amazing Pace, Fall Fest, and The Holiday House Tour. She has much appreciation and respect for what everyone does all throughout the year in efforts to support our small, close knit town. She looks forward to being this years President and working alongside the women of Medford Lakes who make this town the best place to live.

Megan moved here from Medford with her family in 2016 after already being a part of the Mad Paddler Canoe Carnival float group.  From there, she dived into helping MLWC as much as possible.  She has been on the the planning committee for Amazing Pace for the past four years, specifically soliciting sponsors for the event.  She has also volunteered for Fall Fest, the Holiday House Tour, and the Ugly Sweater Family Bike Ride. She is excited to be Vice President for MLWC 2019!

Kerry Carleton, originally from Delaware, moved to Medford Lakes with her husband, Tim, and two daughters in May of 2018.  She has volunteered in various Medford Lakes Women’s Club events with her favorite being the Canoe Carnival.  She loves to be active in town events and its excited to be part of the board for 2020. 


Emily Connerly

Emily, originally from Missouri, landed in Medford Lakes after a stint in Texas. She and Bill blended their families, have 5 children together, and have been living in Medford Lakes for the past 2 years. Even though she isn’t a Medford Lakes native, she’s fully embraced the laker life, and has joined a float group. She was especially active this past year assisting with the Women’s Club float build. Emily is excited to be secretary of the women’s club this year and looks forward to all of the great events we support throughout the year. She feels very blessed to call Medford lakes home. 

New Member Development 

Savannah Smith

Savannah Smith, originally from Georgia, is new to the Medford Lakes community moving here with her husband just two years ago. She has volunteered in various Medford Lakes Women’s Club events with this being her first position. She is an avid baker, dog lover & loves going for walks around town! She is very excited to take on this position this year to meet new people and welcome them into our unique community!

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